Welcome to Barry Murray's Never-Never Land. An answer, through his very unique "rare earths" FoamKrete™ home building material, to surviving climate change plagues of fire followed by flood.

And, the "perfect storm" economic disaster caused by the sub-prime mortgage credit default scam of '08 that is at the heart of political unrest today. Which, if closely examined for cause and effect "fake news" could cause our Democracy to fall apart!

How? Besides ignoring the Vice President who lost his popular majority presidential bid through "Electoral College" hanging chads, vs Global Warming. Fact or Fraud.

And, through the simple-minded reasoning of some pseudo-legal scholars that have misrepresented a United States Constitutional protected right to build an off-grid basic shelter, no matter what a citizens ZIP + 4 code address may be, or not.

Pretty bold for Barry to do a Dr. Sheldon Cooper formal protest over the establishments' "Rule of Zoning Laws" Gerrymandering for fun and profit that is driving "a misfit lazy druggy undesirable angry rabble" crazy.

Especially hideous when pointed by a "righteous" pointed finger, where three are actually pointed back at right back at those who apparently never read Matthew 22:36-40. Just as those who apparently have absolutely no righteous Christian compassion for homeless, underemployed, single mothers, and responsible fathers, with children who are not attending school because they too do not have a valid street address.

Barry's answer, as a 79-year old horse packing tree hugger explorer adventurer that has collectively spent half of his wandering life "camping", is that something just plain wrong with local city ordinances, and zoning laws that want to do away with a God-given right (or curse) to lay a sleepy head down on Mother Earth, without be arrested as a vagrant!

So this is why TheProspector, Barry Murray, who is trying to get a USFS "Plan of Action" approved for the all ready permitted Nepheline Syenite on Oregon's Table Mountain ECO-Foam-Krete production by ECO-Mining-Milling of FoamKrete™ to be passed along to has called me in to bring together people who would like to jointly flow-through their $60 purchased Nepheline Syenite one-ton FoamKrete™ "dealer" certificate ownership one step further into a start-up CO-OP distributorship in the shared ownership enterprise as famous as Pacific Northwest's REI Co-op brand of recreational equipment; Tillamook Cheese dairy co-op; and the groundbreaking CO-PLYWOOD factories that were somehow free-trade exported for deep state political gain.

Which is exactly why voters who expected relief from a runaway National Debt problem did not expect the Trump budget would defund HUDS Public Housing Capital Fund money that’s used by public authorities for repairs and new housing construction. “The provision of affordable housing should be a responsibility more fully shared with State and local governments,” the budget reads.

Thank to Democratic-Socialist leaning Senator Bernie Sanders's for whistleblowing the "two presenters" crystal clear message of "Forget About It" when it comes to solving a HUD crisis in meeting a basic need for shelter. Great! This is the endorsement private citizens really need to organize their 98% vote to support of ECO-Housing-America.com affordable housing CO-OP's striving towards zero mortgage ownership.

Barry Murray, writing elsewhere as a prospector named "Anothny Annonymous", for being just a little afraid of the also anonymous deep pocket political power behind the "Governor Kate Brown is a storybook monster" TV ads, scarring non-voter little children with ugly bedtimes stories. This egregious oligarchy use of super PAC has motivated Barry to say that ECO-Housing-America.com should help her deal, and local city governments, with an Oregon style joint public / private solutions by developing a transportable "little home" on wheels for the homeless to buy into on a rent to own basis in a pay to park near employers "communities". On the eve of turning 80-years, he will personally guaranty through an ECO-Housing-America CO-OP the excess reserves of 32 twenty acre mining claims, that cover a "square mile" of the unique Nepheline Syenite Cement measured 500 million ton deposit, uniform in assay values throughout,

Make these a FoamKrete™ fireproof, mold proof, bullet proof, waterproof unit. Help us work on, along with prospective residents, on installing an ECO smart solar power roof, that has fresh rainwater gathering and storage system. Help contribute to developing Bill and Malinda Gates liquid and solid separating toilet that perhaps could generate a biofuel waste solution answer for plumbing needs.

This is not something Barry wants to control. He is hoping to semi-retire on his 80th birthday, to write and publish more books. But as horseman Barry realizes that Aunt Mame was noted for saying "money is just like manure; it doesn't do anyone any good unless it is spread around." Which is why the pioneer of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (see Search for a Shadow of the Past) also has plans in his will for developing an "R-R Rescue Ranch for unwanted horses, runaway super smart border collies, and hopeless at-risk teens to recover.

This "want to give back bent" is why Barry, as an old,old Oregonian (related to the first Wagon Boss on the first Oregon Trail migration in 1843) has offered to match in value in FoamKrete™ Dealer ECO-Mined-Coin (one ton units) valued today at $60 for CO-OP Membership, by an equal building material donation to kickstart ECO-Housing-America into becoming an independent REI style CO-OP. Barry was a personal fan of mountain climber Jim Whittaker, the first American to reach the summit of Mount Everest. He followed Jim's lead on a pitch of developing REI in Seattle by joining with a membership number below 99 thousand in a totally successful business venture that multiple millions of intelligent people enjoy today.

If a local New Oregon Homesteading group of could find an owner of an undeveloped acreage suitable for building an off-grid ECO village to join in the program for a trust-based annuity; and individual FoamKrete™ Dealers conveniently supply the major part of the building supplies for on-site tilt-up walls; and their Local FoamKrete Distributor can deliver pre-fab constructed bolt together smart roof panels that embed gutter-to-gutter thin film solar collector that should, depending on location, would come very close to net zero utilities.

Communication needs can be taken care of with 12-volt wireless signal boosters, or by a satellite connection. Use the Gate's separating ECO toilet so that grey water, including shower, and dishwashing waste can be bio-recycled (just as big hotels in Las Vegas do) for landscape use. Or, hydroponics gardening. The utilization of "black water" would, of course, again depending on location and zoning "perk testing", may require a village compost/methane conversion facility, to take care of the infrastructure costs of building, gas, and water lines.

The following, amateurish designed representation of the what and why by Barry Murray has drawn as his idea of a true ECO house. What this really shows after the first step after acquiring ECO-Mined-Coin building material certificates, through what is also a start-up in need of professional business management; an archetect/engineer/ and in-house legal advice.

This is why clicking the cover of ECO-Foam-Krete.com, as yet an unincorporated start-up, may give individuals an understanding of how a $20 "buy the ton owner/dealer" bill of sale flow-through by other independent contracts, will have an ROI payday from the wholesale price of a delivered product as a DIY home building material, perhaps flowing through once again on consignment for a retail sale profit for a FoamKrete.com distributor. And/or a buy-in position of an ECO-Housing-America off-grid village; work from home business center; or timeshare resort, etc..

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